Precious Metal Recycling

Metalery LLC is a professional metal consulting company that refines and recycles those precious metal goods of yours. If you are unsure of what to do with that old computer, or chipped gold rimmed china and unused car parts, we can help. Most people don't realize that by throwing out metal they are in fact, contributing to environmental waste.


Precious Metal Consulting

When it comes to your precious metals we're the ones to trust! Metalery provides clients with advice, consultation and solutions concerning precious metals. Whether you want to know how much the gold or silver you own is worth or are interested in knowing more about precious metal heirlooms, purchases and investments, we can help. Our team of experts are exceptionally knowledgeable in all precious metal matters and will happily and helpfully answer your inquiries or concerns relating to them.


Precious Metal Refining

Did you know that a lot of items we discard as junk or trash are actually worth something? You know what they say, one person's trash is another's treasure. Metalery is company that takes this saying to heart. We take your old, used, broken and forgotten items like: electronics, dishes and appliances, or automobile parts and refine them until they take on a pure and precious metal form.



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